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As she turned to walk away from her past lives, she paused momentarily and looked back in wistful nostalgia. About how in her heartbreak she found freedom, friends, and the ability to look back and laugh at all she had learnt. She now lives life on her own terms and still has fantastic hair. 
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I taught Olivia how to take selfies with her tiny paw and she’s getting super good at it.
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“I get really nervous talking in front of loads of people…Radio is a little bit different. Because you can’t see the faces. That’s what scares me, when you can see people judging you.”

#he does it because he’s the leader of the group because he’s the eldest and he wants to step up 

#literally the most complex and layered person on the planet #loud insecure leader louis tomlinson #so sure he wouldn’t get through the x-factor #immediately became the natural leader of the band he was put in #didn’t really sing much in any of the songs #still doesn’t sing much in any of the songs #still the blatant leader of the band #thinks he’s being judged when he talks in front of people #talks #all #the #time #takes over and answers difficult questions in interviews #handles phone calls with management #calls liam the responsible one #helped raise his 4 younger sisters #calls himself immature #a child #the MOST COMPLEX PERSON ON THE PLANET I WANT TO READ ENDLESS THESES ON YOUR CHARACTER LOUIS TOMLINSON 
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mamrie hart everyone


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predict-able: What is your ideal date?




I actually don’t like one on one, organised situations with people that you don’t know (like okay lets meet up for the first time for a date to go to this coffee shop). Too much pressure :S. I’d MUCH rather meet someone organically, with like a group of friends, where us two just hit it off and keep hanging out in group settings until eventually we don’t even realise that we’ve started hanging out just us two.

Then movies at home with take out food sounds ideal